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Translink management and professional and technical pay talks

27 February 2015

TSSA meet 26/02/2015 with the company to discuss your 2014/15 pay agreement.


The company tabled a pay offer of 1% backdated to April 2014, with all other terms and conditions remaining the same.

We were disappointed in the offer from the company. Considering that all other grades received a 1.5% pay deal we were not in a position to accept the offer. It was not acceptable that your grade should be treated less favourably than other grades in Translink.

In the interests of equity and fairness it is completely reasonable to expect at the very least an offer of 1.5% as per the other grades.

It is important to put into context our disappointment. As you all know your grade recently endured a 2 year pay freeze, your grade has been under considerable pressure during the worst of the recent economic crisis. You have had to endure increased workloads, hours and expected to do considerable heavy lifting on behalf of the company making tough decisions in a very difficult work environment.

Our expectation to be treated fairly and equitably is in our view a more than reasonable request. All we ask is that your grade be recognised and rewarded appropriately, and an offer of 1% doesn’t do that.

We are all aware about the significant tough times ahead. Recent announcements confirm times of uncertainty in which your grade once again are going to be asked to endure the major burden of. When significant changes are called for in the workplace it is your grade that delivers it. If any change is going to happen and succeed you are the ones to deliver it.

Over the upcoming years as in the past number of years the company is again going to ask you to continue to show your goodwill to help implement change. All we ask is that your goodwill is reciprocated by the company and tabling a pay deal that is fair and equitable like your colleagues in Translink would go some way to demonstrating some goodwill back.

It is now important to consult and get the views of the entire grade on how we should proceed. We are calling a meeting of the management and professional and technical grades for:

Monday 9th March 2015, 4pm

Grosvenor House
5 Glengall Street

If you are not a member you are still welcome and are encouraged to attend.

We ask that you pass on this circular to your work colleagues and encourage them to attend the meeting.

Not a union member? With all the uncertainty facing the management, professional and technical grade it is now more crucial than ever that you join your union. To download a membership form go to:

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