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Translink Management & Professional Technical Grade 2015/16 Pay Talks update

3 March 2016

TSSA meet with the company 2/3/2016 to discuss MPT pay following the result of the ballot rejecting the initial offer


We reiterated our position, supported by the mandate from the ballot, that 1% falls short of aspirations and also in ensuring that MPT staff are treated fairly and equitably to other grades of staff.

We cannot allow a two tier pay system that always sees MPT grade treated less favourably to be enshrined at Translink.

When we consider the 2 year pay freezes and the 0.5% less in 2014/15 we now have a situation that has the pay differential between MPT and other grades fast narrowing to a point so as to be inconsequential. Indeed we are concerned that in some roles MPT grade staff will be earning less than staff they have responsibility for. We have requested information from the company on this particular issue to see how big a problem it is. It is a matter of urgency that we address this issue before it gets out of control.

MPT grade deserve a fair and reasonable pay rise and system going forward. Your pay should reflect the burden of responsibility that you shoulder in your grade, your flexibility with change, professionalism, expertise and dedication to your roles.

It is all well and good that you are asked as MPT grade to do the heavy lifting and ensure that public transport is delivered to the high standard in Northern Ireland, but it should also be reflected in a fair and equitable pay rise and structure.

We will also be writing to the Department of Regional Development to highlight the serious issues of what we see as a pay inequality for the MPT grades in Translink.

We hope that the company took on board our serious concerns for your grade and respond in a constructive and positive manner.

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