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National Joining Week 2011

3 February 2011

TSSA is holding its first ever National Joining Week from 04 to 10 April this year.

We are mobilising to recruit as many new members as possible, building our strength and ensuring that our colleagues share in the benefits of TSSA membership.

More members = more influence

The more colleagues in your workplace who are TSSA members, the more influence you can have on the decisions that affect you. Pay increases, safer working environments and better protection against redundancy are won by strong unions. By helping to recruit colleagues to TSSA, you are strengthening your union in your workplace.

What can I do to help

Think about where non-members are located in your company or workplace. What is the best way to approach them? Your Regional Organisers can help you put together a recruitment plan that works for you.

If you have not recruited new members before, or would like to brush up your recruiting skills, please complete and return the enclosed form. We can make sure that you receive training in the latest recruitment techniques.

Our aim is that every Rep, Branch Officer and Organiser is involved in some recruitment activity over the course of the week.

Success is its own reward?

To celebrate the contribution of our Reps and lay Officials, we will be giving awards for outstanding recruitment achievements at the National Reps Training Seminar / Annual Delegate Conference. Awards won’t just be for the highest number of new joiners but also for imaginative approaches to recruitment and fresh ideas.

If you would like to help make National Joining Week a success and build our great union, please get in touch].

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