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National Joining Week 4 – 8 April 2011

9 February 2011

TSSA is holding its first ever National Joining Week from 4 to 10 April this year.

We are mobilising to recruit as many new members as possible, building our strength and ensuring that our colleagues share in the benefits of TSSA membership.

Why should I be part of the campaign?

During this difficult time companies are making cuts, reductions in services and budgets, restructuring and making redundancies in the workplace. This is happening throughout the country and we at TSSA need to ensure the union can support our members through the learning agenda as the union can in everything else we do.

It is also an opportunity to attract new people and strengthen TSSA’s position in your company. Doing this makes it easier for you to succeed in establishing and maintaining strong learning programmes including negotiating for paid time to study, extra financial support for fees etc.


If you have not recruited new members before, or would like to brush up your recruiting skills, please complete and return the enclosed form. We can make sure that you receive training in the latest recruitment techniques.

National Awards

To encourage ULRs to take part in the campaign TSSA will be offering a special award for the ULR or team of ULRs who have run the best join campaign in their company.

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