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National TOC Campaign News

22 September 2011

Three ways to get involved in TSSA's campaign for a better railway.


Fighting for a better railway - the film

Wanted! Volunteers are needed to help make a short film showing what Britain’s national rail network would look like if the McNulty Report is implemented, and then compare it with what a well funded properly passenger railway looks like.

Help with the script, storyboards, camerawork, acting, presenting, editing or distributing the film. Your role just depends on your interests and level of commitment.

The film will not be a slick advertising film commissioned by Head Office. It will portray the authentic voice of the TOC worker; designed, made and produced by the workers for the workers. It will real rail staff who form the backbone of our union who will design and make the film.

The new TSSA National TOC Council’s first decision was to make this film, which will highlight the crucial role of station staff in providing service, safety and security for passengers. The short film can then be posted on ‘You Tube’ and publicised by TSSA’s Together for Transport campaign (, and screenings can be organised at anti-cuts events, Trades Council meetings, Community Forums etc.

Volunteers will be given technical guidance by experts! Utopia Arts will train our “film team” in the required skills together with full support of TSSA staff.

It’s a great opportunity to have fun while campaigning for jobs and a decent railway for all.

We are organising a “taster” session so you can find out more about what might be involved.

For more information or to confirm you would like to get involved, email or complete and return the interest form:   TOC Campaign interest form

So what is the TSSA National TOC Council?

The TSSA National TOC Council was formed to include TSSA reps from every TOC (and Eurostar), and will analyse key issues affecting our members across the TOCs and develop a co-ordinated strategic union response.

TOC workers are under attack from government and employers. Some employers are falling over themselves to implement McNulty’s madcap ideas for swingeing cuts. We cannot allow TOC workers to be picked off in a piecemeal fashion.

The National TOC Council is not designed to be a talking-shop but to be a campaigning and action focused group. It is the leadership of TSSA’s TOC Campaign – fighting for a better railway.

The first meeting identified and prioritised common issues, and potential allies with whom we can work. It has begun to plan a campaign to defend the railway, and the decision to make a film is just the start.

The Council will meet at least three times per year, and more if necessary. In between meetings, a Steering Committee elected from amongst the Council members will provide day-to-day leadership.

The National TOC Council will also establish Action Groups to deal with specific areas of work. These groups will comprise TSSA TOC members with the appropriate background and knowledge, who are committed to campaigning and organising for a better railway.

If you are interested in getting involved email: for further information or complete the interest form:   TOC Campaign interest form

Notes and actions from the first meeting of the National TOC Council can be downloaded as a pdf:

NTC Notes  National TOC Council Meeting Feedback notes 07.09.11

The next Council meeting is scheduled for 18 October 2011 in Birmingham.


We are.... fighting for a better railway. We are.... TSSA



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