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NDS/C&P Reorg Update

16 January 2014

Download our latest newsletter update on the NDS/C&P "Supply Chain Transformation" consultation

   NDS C&P newsletter 140116

Minimising the impact of cuts

Whilst the consultation may have ended, the work carried out by reps on your behalf doesn’t stop!

We have received assurances that we will not face a subsequent reorganisation as part of the wider CP5 15% salary budget cuts (more information here:

Your reps are trying to minimise the impact of any cuts on colleagues while ensuring the people process is applied fairly and equally to all.

· Dialogue is on going - we have consulted and will continue to do so!

· Displaced Bands 1-4 staff will have access to the national 15% cuts closed list

· Safety concerns have been raised and responded to

· Joint “Drop in” sessions have been arranged. Come along and raise any issues face to face with us and the transformation team

· If you encounter any problems contact your reps who will act on your behalf

· Your reps are Richard Heslop and Leigh White (NDS) and June Withey (C&P)

The Appeal Process

Area consultation has focused on collective processes, with the reps working to ensure fairness and transparency.

Inevitably, individual members will continue to have issues with how they are impacted. If you have any concerns about your identification, displacement or any “people process” matters, please speak to your local rep or the Members’ Helpdesk.

You can appeal at any stage of the process, with the right to be represented by a TSSA rep. Your reps provide personal support and guidance through the appeals process, as well as ensuring members are treated fairly and consistently in line with agreements made through consultation.

Our commitments

· Support members through the people process

· Continue dialogue with management

· Ensure the that everyone is treated fairly and consistently

· Ensure that the people process is as open and transparent as possible

· Raise any issues with the people process

· Aid displaced colleagues as much as possible

· Provide support & advocacy in 1-2-1 meetings between members and managers

How can you help?

Become a member to help build a more powerful and well organised union. The more members the more powerful your voice becomes. Join online today!

Become a contact and pass out information to your colleagues and gather their views on any proposals: Speak to Richard, Leigh or June for information.

 Become a rep and give your local knowledge to help represent your colleagues. You would be supported by experienced TSSA representatives. Speak to a rep or the Helpdesk for information and a nomination form

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