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NDS Phase 2 Re-organisation, consultation maybe in word but certainly not in spirit!

9 November 2010

Today the TSSA has written to the company outlining the many reasons we do not accept that ‘consultation is concluded’ in relation to this re-organisation for reasons I will explain.

In short the company have:

- Failed to provide all the relevant information prior to consultation starting!

- In tabling changes (whilst not unwelcome) from the original proposal, they have then given us absolutely no opportunity to consult with the affected groups on this by closing out consultation the same day as tabling the new proposals!

- Told us the RTC in Derby has just been put up for sale and we are now on a month by month lease, and using this as the basis for moving staff in early 2011, and for some groups going against previous assurances that they will not be moved before 2012! We are now told an error was made and in fact the building is on a 6 month rolling lease. In our view this significantly affects the debate on the urgency of the move to MK of these staff, and in the bands 1-4’s consultation we have had no opportunity to debate this further as the miss-information was corrected on the lease after management deemed this consultation closed!

- Given your representatives insufficient time to reasonably consult our members on many of the affected changes, and we have made it exceptionally clear we require more time, to fully consult you all, ensure we have your views, and fully air and debate these at the consultation!

As mentioned we have today written to the company with more detail than the brief outline here with our very strong view that consultation is not closed and urging them to hold a further meetings, instead of rail roading through changes without meaningful consultation. I have given them until close of play this Thursday 11 November to respond with a meeting date to address our many concerns.

A further circular and referendum will be issued following the consultation which I sincerely hope will be after a further meetings as outlined, and not managements current stance of bully boy tactics in closing down consultations on your futures pushing through re-organisations at great speed and haste!

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