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NDS Phase 2 Re-organisation, further meetings scheduled for next week!

12 November 2010

Following our strongly worded letter to the company and my circular outlining this, further meetings have been arranged on this re-organisation for next week. This development resulted directly from the strong stance your reps took when the company deemed the ‘consultation closed’ with many important issues remaining unresolved.

The company have specifically indicated they are reviewing their proposals around the SODM organisation, and whilst this is an exceptionally important area for TSSA, you have made it quite clear many other concerns remain. Prior to the next meeting Network Rail have also indicated that they are now looking at a ‘go live’ date in March 2011 for this re-organisation. Clearly this is a step forward from the original proposal of January.

If you have not already done so, it is imperative you let us have your feedback on the proposed re-organisation. Please contact your TSSA reps prior to the further meetings. Below is a quick reminder of who the reps are:

| Bands 1-4 | Bands 5-8 |
| Phil Mullins
Phil Trotman | Sarah Lewis
Paul Johnson |

We have made clear to the company that we will not tolerate their approach to the re-organisations by trying to rush ahead with implementing their proposals and closing down consultations prematurely. We have been able to take this tough line because of the strength of feeling demonstrated by our members. You have shown the company you are not prepared to accept their proposals lying down! However, we cannot be complacent and we can still build on this and strengthen our position further. The more members we have the stronger our voice. Please do your bit - pass on this circular to colleagues who are not union members and persuade them to join. Application forms are available from your reps or by clicking on this link

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