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Network Rail 1-4: The 'Your Pay' story

16 June 2015

Network Rail is proposing to implement a new pay structure for Bands 1-4 in September 2015: this represents a significant success for TSSA.

The new structure is intended to create a fairer pay framework for both staff joining the organisation and those progressing through it.

TSSA reps have worked with Network Rail over the past four years to ensure that the greatest number of employees possible will benefit from the new proposals.

These negotiations arose from many equal pay claims by the union and challenges to a pay system that lacked transparency and equality.

The story does not end there, however: TSSA is running a referendum on the pay structure during July 2015 and it is important that YOU make YOUR voice heard – You will decide the next chapter of the 'Your Pay' story!

TSSA ‘Your Pay’ roadshows: We answer your questions

•    Wednesday 1 July:    Glasgow George House (Am)/St Vincent Street (Pm)
•    Thursday 2 July:        York George Stephenson House
•    Friday 3 July:        Manchester Square One
•    Monday 6 July:        Milton Keynes Quadrant
•    Tuesday 7 July:         Birmingham Mailbox
•    Wednesday 8 July:    London Cotton Centre (Am)/Burrell St (Pm)
•    Thursday 9 July:              London Enterprise House
•    Friday 10 July:              London Eversholt St
•    NB: Ask Your Local Reps For Details And Dates Of Other Venues

The Referendum

On Wednesday 1 July all 1-4 staff will be told by Network Rail where their job sits within the proposed new pay structure.

TSSA will run a referendum between July 1st-31st inclusive by online ballot (members will be sent a link). If you think that the new pay structure is a fairer, more equal way of remuneration and you would benefit then you should vote YES.

Remember: Only TSSA members will have a vote in this referendum which will decide the future of Bands 1-4 pay so join now -

Are you a TSSA member who wants to vote in the Your Pay Referendum? Check TSSA has your correct contact details here -

Jacqui Hall -
David Northey -
TSSA Helpdesk -

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