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Network Rail Area Council Election Results

11 September 2013

Terms of office for your new Area Council Representatives have now commenced.

Thanks and welcome to your new reps

We’ve got a range of new and experienced reps who have stood up to represent their colleagues in Area Councils across the company. To find out who is representing your constituency, click the appropriate link below:

  Area Council Reps - 1-4s - 9 Sep 2013

  Area Council Reps - 5-8 and equivalent - 9 Sep 2013

What if my area has a vacancy?

It’s still not too late for you to get involved!

The allocation of reps is closely linked to the number of staff in a constituency. If your constituency has vacancies then reps who volunteered will have a greater challenge in supporting you and your colleagues. If your constituency doesn’t have any reps we’ll be unable to ensure that members have a say in proposed reorganisations in your department or changes to work practices. Without reps, collective issues could go unresolved.

You can still seek nomination for vacant seats (or nominate a colleague!). For nomination forms and further information, follow the link below:

If you have any questions, please call the Members' Helpdesk.

Don't forget that if your colleagues aren't members of your union yet, they can join online at


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