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Network Rail Area Council Rep Vacancies: Our Members Need You!

3 October 2011


  • Are you interested in taking on challenges and learning new skills?
  • Do you have a passion for workplace justice and an eye for detail?
  • Do you experience injustice at work and think “it’s not fair”, or “I wish there was something I could do”?

If you can answer “yes!” to the above questions, you should definitely talk to your colleagues, a TSSA official or one of our reps about being nominated as a TSSA area council representative today. 

What’s Involved?

Network Rail Area Council representatives are the link between TSSA’s local and national representative structures. Area Reps perform a number of vital duties, mostly in dealing with members collectively, but also in some individual issues.

As with all TSSA roles, accredited training and support is provided along with paid release from your day job to undertake your role. Network Rail have recently agreed to releasing members who may be interested in taking up a role to attend “Reps Taster Courses”. This provides an opportunity to learn more about what being a rep will involve. Please email for further information if you are interested in taking part.

Area reps are broadly responsible for:

  • Recruiting, supporting and developing our reps and members
  • Communicating with members – using a range of approaches such as arranging workplace meetings, distributing circulars and newsletters, providing individual guidance and advice
  • Developing and delivering national and local campaigns on matters of importance to TSSA members
  • “Mapping” constituencies – exploring and recording exactly who and where your colleagues are, their issues and motivations to get involved

Representing members – individually though disciplinary and grievances, and collectively, e.g. at reorganisation consultations, area council meetings and resolving constituents’ collective issues

There is a nomination form for bands 5-8 here: Network Rail Area Rep Nomination Form Bands 5-8 and bands 1-4 here:  Network Rail Area Rep Nomination Form Bands 1-4 that you can print, complete and return to us. If you need any information to complete the form, or would like further information, please call the Members’ Helpdesk.

For details of the Area Council constituencies, current reps and vacancies, please see the documents below:

Network Rail Area Council Reps - 5-8 and equivalent

Network Rail Area Council Reps - 1-4s Ops and Mtce

Network Rail Area Council Reps - 1-4s PE and S



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