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Network Rail Bands 1-4 Pay negotiations to commence

18 April 2016

Your National Reps will be meeting with the company at the end of April to commence the 2016 pay negotiations on behalf of our members ahead of the anniversary date of 1 July 2016.

2016 Pay Claim

After consulting with members via our Area Council Reps a summary of the key elements that our negotiating team will be taking forward are:


  1. A substantial increase to basic pay

  2. To increase all pay zone limits by the same percentage as the agreed average increase in pay from this negotiation.

  3. Extension of the non-compulsory redundancies commitment to include bands 1-4 bargaining group.

  4. Increase the basic annual leave entitlement by 2 days

  5. Review and substantially improve London and South East Allowancesincluding increasing the scope of SE Allowance to QMK

  6. Address the ever increasing cost of travel with improvements to travel facilities

  7. Change pay anniversary date from 1st July 2017 to 1st Jan 2017

The full pay claim document can be viewed here.  B1-4 Pay Claim 2016

Your reps have placed improved job security and a level of pay that reflects the commitment of our members at the core of our negotiations going forward.

Securing your future

Despite the assurances that the Shaw Report gave in respect of the privatisation agenda we are aware that the potential for structural change and ownership as well as decentralisation is still apparent and may have a massive impact on our members. Therefore we are seeking a no compulsory redundancy agreement to ensure that our member’s livelihoods are protected and that essential skills and experience is maintained within the organisation.

Negotiating for fair pay

For too long our Bands 1-4 members have played second fiddle in the annual pay round, as a result of many years of closing pay differentials between Bands 5-8, in this regard we intend to seek an alignment of pay negotiations with Bands 5-8 to ensure that we are negotiating under the same economic conditions and that no group of staff is disadvantaged through misaligned pay negotiations and agreements.

Addressing the high cost of living and recognising commitment

Your Reps will be taking forward improvement to London and South East Allowances (not increased since 2009) and the impact that the rate of inflation since the last increase has had in devaluing the value of this allowance (RPI has risen by 19.5% in that period) We also intend to address the anomaly of QMK not having South Eastern Allowance applied to our members.

Additionally we will be seeking improvements to Travel subsidy and facilities that addresses the continuing increase in the cost of commuting to work as well as improving the level of Annual Leave to compensate for the commitment of working long hours.

Once negotiations commence we will keep you advised of developments


Growing our Strength in the workplace

For every member that joins, we grow our voice to improve working lives and improve our pay, terms and conditions, if every one of us recruited a new member wewould be twice as strong. Of course, a union growing in strength also becomes more confident whichin turn helps deliver a better deal for you and your colleagues - a win/win situation for all!

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