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Network Rail Bands 1-4 Pay Offer Accepted

26 June 2019


83% of TSSA members within Bands 1-4 have voted to accept Network Rail’s offer for 2019.

While, by no means perfect, the deal sees the majority of members receive at least RPI based on a “good” rating. And, some initial redress for those managers who are being paid less than their direct reports – a disgraceful situation.

Work has started on the negotiations to review the Your Pay structure (including replacing the discredited performance matrix), redressing differentials between grades in a meaningful way, and we continue to negotiate an agreement that will see many managers get paid for unsocial hours and overtime.

We are realistic enough to understand that the past 8 years of severe pay restraint cannot be redressed in a single round of bargaining but TSSA is committed to continue to campaign for further improvements to pay and allowances for managers. We will not accept a return to the regressive pay policies of the past.

We are determined that 2019 marks the beginning of the process of achieving a fair and equitable pay structure for managers, not a flash in the pan.

Thank you for your continued support.

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