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Network Rail Bands 1-4 Pay Referendum 2019

17 June 2019

Vote on the final offer for 2019


TSSA has been campaigning to end the cycle of below inflation pay rises for Bands 1-4 and the ongoing disparity between management grade uplifts and those provided for Bands 5-8 and equivalent.

We believe we have now negotiated an offer from Network Rail which breaks this negative cycle and provides some assurances for the future.

We have been in dispute since the Company’s imposition of their offer for 2018 and have been at the point of initiating an industrial action ballot on several occasions as talks seemed to founder.

However, thanks to TSSA’s policy of maintaining open channels of communications, your Representatives were able to make persuasive arguments that were eventually taken on board by the Business. That said, unfortunately we note that our points seemed to carry more weight with the threat of a dispute.

Last year, TSSA rejected a proposal from Network Rail to provide a 2% pay pot for 2019. We held out and have now secured an overall pot which greatly exceeds current RPI (April) of 3%. Together with the additional uplift of 1.5% to the bottom of all bands and pay ranges, improvements to travel and London allowances and the extra pot of £250,000 for those paid less than their direct reports, this offer represents a clear break with the previous Company policy.

We welcome the statement from Network Rail acknowledging the problems associated with their previous pay policy for managers and their commitment to working with us to continue to address the challenges created by years of derisory rises.

However, despite these gains, we recognise that the headline rises for Bands 1 and 2 are below the desired level. In recommending the offer for your acceptance, TSSA understands that we are in the invidious position of asking some of our members to vote for a deal that would see them receive less in percentage terms than others. However, most real terms cash increases based on the Band 1 and 2 salaries in question are at or above those for Bands 3 and 4. And, given the derisory bonus usually provided for Band 4 members, we had to consider how we could negotiate the greatest value possible across all grades.

The full offer and statement from the Company has been emailed out and can also be found on MyConnect.

This is the best deal that we have negotiated in the past 8 years. For the first time in that period we see the differential between Band 4 and Band 5 rises actually increase. We need to build on this in future years. TSSA does not see this as the end, but rather the beginning of a process to restore some fairness to Network Rail’s anarchic pay policies and ensure that the hard work undertaken by managers is recognised and valued by the business.

TSSA is recommending the offer is accepted, but the final decision rests on the outcome of the referendum. We are clear that, if a majority reject the proposal, we will immediately move towards a ballot for strike action.

Members have been sent an electronic ballot paper. Please use the voting buttons provided. Your details are anonymised.

If you have not received an electronic ballot - first please check that it has not been diverted to any other inbox, then contact the TSSA Helpdesk.

The referendum will close at midday on Wednesday 26 June with the results being published as soon as possible afterwards.

Thank you for your continued support.

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