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Network Rail Bands 1-4 Pay Update

11 June 2015

Why has Network Rail been treating your pay negotiations with contempt? To-date Network Rail has been silent on a Management Pay offerÂ…..

As you know, your pay anniversary date (1 July) is fast approaching and it is regrettable to inform you, that no progress has been made in seeking enhancements to your pay, terms and conditions.

In preparation of the pay review, TSSA submitted your pay claim in early April, as formulated and agreed among your area reps.

Talks opened on 23 April with Network Rail stating, ‘we are living in challenging times.’ They also went to state that ‘there is a funding gap in CP5 and performance is not brilliant’ but they also said they were ‘committed to working toward making an offer at the next meeting.’

However, Network Rail later cancelled the meeting at short notice and it was only upon TSSA’s written request that the meeting on the 14th May went ahead.

It was abundantly clear Network Rail was deliberately delaying pay negotiations and failed to make an offer. Network Rail failed to provide any kind of response to the specific elements as itemised within the pay submission.

To the frustration of your National Management Council representatives, the approach taken by Network Rail was to determine ‘what an offer would look like,’ regardless of the fact they had received TSSA’s pay claim. They continued to reiterate, ‘let’s formulate a collaborative discussion.’ It beggars belief that, Management considered it appropriate to hold pay negotiations in this way in the absence of providing any kind of response to the elements as itemised within the claim.

As a result, your negotiating team insisted that an offer be sent in writing prior to the 22nd May but to no avail. The next planned meeting was cancelled by Network Rail at short notice, which had been diarised since January. Increasingly, the stance taken by Network Rail is becoming intolerable and they are dismissive of making any kind of pay offer.

You will be aware of the improved offer made to bands 5 – 8 and equivalent with the proposed 2% pay increase in year one and RPI in year two has taken over six months of discussions. It would appear that the company are not willing to make an offer for bands 1 to 4 until the bands 5 – 8 pay offer has been resolved.

TSSA has since written to Network Rail making clear our positon setting out their recent failings and frustrations arising from this. It is no surprise this largely fell upon deaf ears in the absence of your employer corresponding to some of those points raised.

Whilst, pay is obviously the main element of the claim we are also asking Network Rail to meet TSSA members’ aspirations in the following areas:

  •  Review and substantially improve London allowances
  •  Extend the non-compulsory redundancies commitment
  •  Guarantee an end to employees being required to work excessive hours and unpaid overtime
  •  Improvements to travel facilities
  •  Increase the basic annual leave entitlement

So, what next?

The next pay meeting is planned to take place on Monday 15th June and Network Rail have finally made a commitment to make their opening offer on that date. If this offer fails to materialise we will be seeking your views on what action you would see as appropriate for us to take.

In the meantime, you can:

  • Contact your TSSA National Management Council Representatives for more information - Dave Barnes (Chair), Victoria Fox, Jacqui Hall, Anthony Lamb, John McCormick and David Northey.


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