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Network Rail bands 1-4 pay update

31 May 2017

Having submitted our pay claim we initiated discussions with senior company representatives in mid-April. Regrettably our next meeting was cancelled and your team of negotiators only received a response to our detailed claim on Friday 26th May.

Your reps were hugely disappointed at the outcome. The company’s proposed offer falls significantly short of our member’s aspirations and does not maintain the ever increasing cost of living.

In summary the offer is:

A pay pot of 1% subject to performance recognition. This represents a real kick in the teeth for all managers when we understand that RPI is at 3.5% and rising. The offer also contains an increase to the pay ranges by 0.5% which would be added prior to the application of the pay pot. The offer also included an increase for those on Ex-IMC contracts equivalent to that paid in zone 1 of the fair pay range for their grade. There were many other elements to our claim; sadly improvements have been declined to them all.

What next?

The National Management Council has asked for a meeting of all Area reps at short notice to be held at TSSA HQ on Monday 5th June. Your elected representatives will discuss the offer and what happens next. It is most likely that we shall be issuing a referendum paper to gauge members’ views regarding the offer. In serious terms if members want to have a fair pay settlement and wish to address the issue of ever decreasing standards of living; they will need to support their reps and colleagues and vote to support any considered forms of action that are decided upon. A further communication with an indicative ballot paper will be coming very soon.

Your details

Please note that if the TSSA does put this matter to a ballot, it is vital that members register and update their details. Please check your personal and work details. This can be done by visiting the following site


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