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Network Rail bands 1-4: Reject derisory pay offer

3 July 2014

Network Rail would like to once again cut your wages but are shamefully dressing this up as a pay offer.

They are claiming poverty in the face of the “cost challenges” of CP5, even though you and your Band 1-4 colleagues have already taken a £375m hit during their so called Management Efficiency Programme. It’s clear that Network Rail does not value the vitally important contribution that you make to their success.

Rather cheekily, Network Rail routinely expects you to work in excess of 35hrs for free but then claim that they “do not believe this is a big issue". The fact is that with a 15% reduction in jobs, you will now be expected to work even longer hours. Frankly, if the Company ever stopped for one second and actually listened to your concerns, they would not make such utterly ridiculous statements!

Facts speak, far, far louder than words!

  • Network Rail wants to give you a lower pay increase than your Bands 5-8 colleagues. Sadly, this means that since 2011, you would have lost out 8.5% in pay rises in comparison with Bands 5-8 and on average; your pay has been cut by over 4% in real terms!
  • By offering a rise which is lower than the Retail Price Index, Network Rail wants you, once again, to take a pay cut in real terms.
  • Network Rail continues to use spurious reasoning around pay rises in the wider job market. However, this time round even this dodgy data supports a higher pay increase for you than what they have offered!

Your reps strongly believe that you should reject this derisory offer. However, they also need your support to gain an improved offer. This means that you need to give them a strong mandate for a strike, or industrial action short of strike - which could simply mean that you would only work your contracted hours – ballot should it become necessary to bring the company to its senses!

If you haven’t done so yet, please send Network Rail a strong message today. Tell them that you will not put up with yet another pay cut by voting in our online referendum:

If your colleagues are not members, they can join online today:

Please vote by no later than Wednesday 9th July 2014!

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