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Network Rail Bands 1-4's pay update, May 2018

2 May 2018

This update follows pay discussions on Monday 30th April 2018.

At the first pay meeting TSSA submitted our pay claim to the company which included the following summary. We have shown Network Rail’s responses in italic. The next meeting is 22nd May at which we hope to achieve some improvements on the company’s initial offer.

With effect from the pay anniversary date TSSA is seeking a substantial increase in the basic rates of pay and other allowances that will lead to a material improvement in the standard of living of our members, including addressing any problems of low pay within the organisation. Whilst pay is obviously the main element of this claim we are also asking for the company to meet TSSA members’ aspirations in the following areas:

Substantial Increase in basic rates of pay
o Pay pot of 1.5% with a possible 2 year deal at 1.5% for 2019. This would mean for Band 1-4 employee receiving a Good rating would get: salary within, Zone 1 1.5%, Zone 2 1.2%, Zone 3 1% and greater than Zone 3 0%

Introduction of paid overtime
o Agreement for negotiations to commence with target implementation in December 2018.

Fair Pay: a comprehensive analysis of pay systems, grading structures and the operation of recruitment and selection.
o Agreed to a “Your Pay” comprehensive joint review.

Review of pay differentials bands 4 and bands 5.
o The company decline to make an offer at this stage but accepted this is subject to negotiation following data sharing which will take place on 8th May.

Review and substantially improve London allowances.
o This was declined.

A review of flexible working and family friendly policies, with a view to improving maternity, paternity, adoption and family leave arrangements and making access to flexible working open to all.
o The company indicated support for improving the consistent take up of flexible working across the company but have not provided a tangible benefit at this stage in these negotiations.

Improvements to travel facilities.
o This was declined.

Application of Performance process.
o The company has agreed to joint working group discussions to make improvements to the performance process

Band 1&2 travel facilities parity
o The company has made no offer to address lack of parity in benefits.

TSSA expressed dismay at this very poor pay offer. The pay offer as it currently stands which is a fraction of the 3.9% that was found for our Band 5-8 colleagues and less than half of the rate of inflation (RPI currently 3.3%).

Band 4 and 5 comparison

This is clearly not sustainable or acceptable to you or your representatives. We will need your support to achieve a fairer pay settlement. Encourage your colleagues who are not yet TSSA members to join. Please refer them to TSSA website where they can quickly and simply join online at:

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