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Network Rail Bands 5-8 & Controllers Pay Settlement

1 February 2017

Following feedback from members, TSSA Representatives have unanimously agreed to accept the company offer for the 2017/18 pay negotiations.


Your reps met yesterday to discuss your feedback on the final pay offer and the unanimous consensus from your reps was to accept the deal as outlined below on behalf of our members.

This deal represents a significant improvement on the previous company offer, it ensures that our members will receive inflation linked pay increases, it offers a substantial increase in London Allowances and an assurance of better job security until 2019 with a no compulsory redundancy agreement covering General Collective Grades.

This has only been possible because of the strength of our membership and our collective voice, so do speak to your colleagues who are not in the TSSA about joining our growing union!


The 2017 -18 Pay settlement in detail:

Network Rail commits to pay all employees in the bargaining groupsaconsolidated increase equal to RPI of 2.2% as at November 2016(published December 2016), on basic pay with effectfrom1stJanuary 2017.

In addition, Network Rail commits to pay all employees in the bargaining groups aconsolidated increase equal to RPI as at November 2017(published December 2017), on basic pay with effect from1stJanuary 2018.

For those members who are on Role Clarity contracts, the increase will be distributed based on performance ratings, with the full negotiated figure paid in aggregate, but with differential increases to reflect individual performance ratings.

For those at the top of the salary band, the increases will be made as a non-consolidated payment.

In addition, following comments made by Network Rail during today's pay talks that they are willing to discuss the possible replacement of role clarity contracts, we will now be writing to them to hold talks on a replacement. As you are probably aware, our union wants to get rid of these contracts which were imposed by Railtrack in 2002. In particular, we want to see the end to any element of performance related pay.

All those currently in receipt of inner and outer London allowances will have these allowances increased by 29%.The definitions of these allowances will be based on the mileages according to employees’ terms and conditions of employment.

Finally, Network Rail guarantees no compulsory redundancies across all members of these bargaining groups until31stDecember 2018.This will be applied provided an employee does not refuse suitable alternative employment, in line with PTR&R or the People Process, as appropriate to the employee.

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