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Network Rail: General election for TSSA reps on Area Health & Safety Committees

13 July 2017

A General Election is now underway to elect TSSA reps to Network Rail’s Area Health & Safety Committees for a term of office ending on 31 July 2020. Nominations for these positions close NEXT FRIDAY, 21 July. A full list of positions is shown in the Appendix accompanying this circular.


TSSA stands for everything that is important in a modern workplace – fairness and equality, decent pay and terms and conditions of employment, and of course the highest standards of health, safety and welfare in the workplace.
TSSA reps play a vital role in involving members in identifying the health, safety and welfare issues that members feel are important. The reps work together with members and other TSSA reps to effectively address those issues and ensure that Network Rail complies with the law and continually improves its management of health and safety.
Key issues currently identified by members include stress, mental health, agile working, and the new arrangements to improve trackworker safety.
Under the bargaining procedures agreed between the union and Network Rail, TSSA has representation at local, Area and national levels. These reps represent all Bands 1-4, and the many Bands 5-8 that are covered by TSSA collective bargaining.
TSSA elects local health and safety reps to represent workplace colleagues to local management in respect of health, safety and welfare matters, and to undertake inspections of the workplace, normally every three months. This is the ‘front-line’ – the reps that ensure that health, safety and welfare issues in Network Rail’s many and varied workplaces are identified and addressed.
At national level, the National Health, Safety and Welfare Council considers company-wide policies and principles related to health, safety and welfare across the whole of Network Rail’s businesses and employees.
TSSA has three elected reps on this Council, elections for which will take place later this year. 
Between the local and national levels, there are ‘Area Health & Safety Committees’. TSSA is represented on these bodies by between one and four TSSA reps. In Route Businesses (the Routes) they are specific to either ‘maintenance’ or ‘operations’. Some Area H&S Committees cover a whole Route, while in the larger Routes there are several ‘Areas’ which may meet together. Full details are shown in the Appendix accompanying this circular.
The Area H&S Committee reps meet with Route management to discuss Route or ‘Area’ wide health, safety and welfare issues, and the implementation of policies and agreements reached at national level.
Outside of the Routes, there is an Area H&S Committee that deals with the whole of Infrastructure Projects (IP) and National Supply Chain (NSC) on a national basis, and another Area H&S Committee that covers all other functions, also on a national basis, including Safety, Technical and Engineering (STE), Digital Railways, National Compliance Body (NCB), Property, Communications, Capacity Planning, Finance, HR, and Legal. Details are shown on the Appendix accompanying this circular.
The Area H&S Committees are likely to be revised over the next year as part of a review of the Network Rail bargaining agreements.
Members may have already seen a number of communications about these elections.
For more information or to obtain a nomination form, members are asked to visit the TSSA’s website:
If you need further information about becoming a rep, or the election in general, please contact the TSSA Members’ Helpdesk by email at, or phone free on 0800 328 2673.

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