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Network Rail: Industrial action ballot opens

3 August 2011

Please use your vote

TSSA needs every Band 1–4 member to vote to ensure that the result reflects what all members want. A strong mandate for action will help push NR back to the negotiating table. If you have not yet received a ballot paper, call TSSA Members Helpdesk on 0800 3282673. If you have not yet joined the TSSA, why not join today.

Why you should vote YES:

1 This is the third year of low and unfair pay rises. 2 Band 1-4 members have been patient while other NR grades have received DOUBLE their pay rise - an affront to every member.

3 The iniquities of Performance Related Pay for all members remain in place.

4 NR has made no progress on the dysfunctional grading structure, a fair rate for the job, or the unacceptable gender pay gap for women managers – early results from our 2011 pay survey indicate massive discrepancies between the pay of different people performing the same job.

5 NR have failed to recognise the need to adopt remote and flexible working policies to help staff, even in major reorganisations such as Milton Keynes. This has meant skilled and experienced staff heading out of NR instead of being supported at work.

6 The problems of long working hours and the extent of unpaid overtime continue unchecked.

7 NR can afford a better rise for Bands 1-4 as well as for staff in other Bands: they made a pre-tax profit of £438 million (up 10%)

8 This is the time to take a stand against poor treatment of and lack of respect for the rights of the dedicated hardworking staff in Bands 1-4.

Without basic respect, there can be no fairness.

The industrial action ballot for Bands 1–4 has now opened. More than 3000 TSSA members in Bands 1-4 are being balloted for industrial action following the breakdown in talks with NR over the 2011 pay review.

Members are being asked in the ballot – unprecedented in the history of Bands 1-4 industrial relations – if they support taking industrial action consisting of strike action and/or industrial action short of strike action – and members are being urged to vote YES to both questions.

TSSA General Secretary, Gerry Doherty, says:

“I understand and respect the fact that, for most managers industrial action is not to be taken lightly. But it seems that NR do not value your dedication and hard work in the way that we would expect from the leading railway employer. I urge you to vote YES YES in the ballot: YES to fair pay and YES to respect at work”

Download as pdf leaflet:   NWR Dispute Update 2

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