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Network Rail is waving while Britain drowns, warns TSSA

11 February 2014

A 20% cut in taxpayer funded Network Rail's costs over the next five years was attacked today as "sheer madness" by the TSSA rail union.

With much of the network suffering disruption through flooding, and Cornwall completely cut off, union leader Manuel Cortes attacked yesterday's cut agreed by NR and rail regulator ORR.

"NR is simply waving while much of Britain is drowning," he said. "It is sheer lunacy to go down this track when much of the South West is now completely cut off because of lack of investment by NR down the years.

Yesterday, Network Rail (NR) agreed with Office of the Rail Regulator (ORR) a significant cut in its expenditure. This comes on the back thousands of job losses among key staff that keep our railways moving. Sadly, today, NR is warning passengers of widespread disruption in areas affected by flooding.
"Someone within the ORR ought to join the dots. Lack of sustained investment and insufficient numbers of maintenance staff are aggravating the effects of the weather."
"In fact, we have argued long and hard that the ORR is not taking sufficient account of the increasing incidents of extreme weather that will continue to grow as a result of climate change. Unfortunately, millions of passengers are being inconvenienced as a result of ORR's cost cutting agenda. Patrick McLoughin must intervene to ensure that sufficient funds are made available to end this misery once and for all."


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