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Network Rail: Kings Place Closure Update

11 April 2014

Download our latest newsletter update here for details of the Kings Place closure consultation.

   Kings Place Update

After holding well attended open meetings with staff, your reps have concluded consultation with the company on behalf of staff whose jobs will be relocated to the Cottons Centre, Eversholt Street or Milton Keynes as a result of Network Rail moving out of Kings Place. Management side agreed to a number of changes to their initial proposals. However they refused to move on the most contentious issue of refusing to allow staff to follow their work to Milton Keynes if they live over 75 or 90 minutes away (Bands 5-8 and 1-4 respectively). For background information and your reps details see

Our position on travel time

  •  You have the right to follow your work if your job is moved to another location
  • Only you can decide whether the location of your role is suitable; not HR or your line manager!
  • Making you redundant or sacking you because of where you live is not a fair reason for dismissal

Defending the indefensible!

As management side claimed that travel time limits are a national policy decision, your reps invited members of the Executive Committee to give their explanation in person. Richard Doyle accepted the invitation, claiming that exposing staff to redundancy by restricting your right to follow your work is “the right thing to do”, citing “duty of care” yet failed to persuade your reps of any legitimate reason why the limits would benefit the company.

Fighting for job security

Your reps offered three alternatives to avoid us failing to agree in consultation:

  • Give affected staff the flexibility to work from an alternative location to MK
  • Remove the travel time restrictions for staff moving to MK
  • Extend the current commitment to no compulsory redundancies for Bands 5-8 in 2014 to all grades

After lengthy consideration, the company refused all alternatives, instead offering voluntary severance to all affected staff. As a result we formally refused to agree the travel time limits, reserving our members’ right to appeal against the unfair restrictions on a case by case basis.

What if my commute will be over the time limit?

If you are in a role that remains in London you won’t be prevented from following your work to the new location, no matter where you live. However, if your role goes to Milton Keynes you could be displaced from your role and placed at risk of redundancy. Affected staff are entitled to appeal at any stage of the process and TSSA members are entitled to union representation and support to help ensure that you do not face redundancy. If you’re a member and may be affected, contact your rep or phone the members’ Helpdesk. Please share this newsletter and encourage your colleagues to join us now at

First as tragedy, now as farce!

The same travel time debacle faced staff whose roles moved to Milton Keynes when the national centre first opened. Many affected staff were successful in their fight to follow their work or find a suitable alternative through the appeal process. For guidance, see our newsletter from November 2011: For more information, see this rail news article.

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