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Network Rail London South Branch Meeting 1700 hrs Thursday 10th December 2015

8 December 2015

Next Meeting, Cottons Centre, London Bridge. Please find time to support your TSSA Branch so that we are better able to represent your views.


Network Rail London South Branch

Meeting Date: Thursday 10th December 2015

Time: 17:00hrs

Venue: The Cottons Centre, near London Bridge Station

Room 7 and 8 booked 1700 to 1900. Sign in at reception downstairs, then lift to floor 2, West Side.

We agreed at our last meeting in Waterloo to vary locations to make it easier for more people to attend at least some meetings given the very wide geographical spread we have. If you would attend a meeting at or near your workplace please let us know where you would like to see future meeting locations.

At this next meeting we will amongst other subjects be discussing:

Update on Pensions dispute.

On call agreement for Band 1-4’s.

How to tackle management bullying in your workplace. This issue has recently been highlighted to us and is a cause for concern that may affect more than one work place. Please note that there is now a confidential whistle blower facility Speak Out line on 0808 143 0100. If anyone has concerns about bullying we would encourage you to raise your concerns with your rep and or come to your branch meeting. We are here to help to create collective solutions to improve all of our working environments.

Motions to TSSA Annual Conference. We can submit two motions to TSSA Annual conference(which is in May) if you would like to propose a motion please come to this meeting and put it forward.

All members welcome


Dave Barnes

Branch Chair

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