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Network Rail Management Pay 2012

11 May 2012

On Tuesday 8 May your management council reps met Network Rail to present this yearÂ’s pay claim for bands 1-4.

 You can download the full pay claim here   TSSA - Management Pay Claim 2012.


The key issues discussed were:

  • A pay rise which reflects RPI and the recent years where bands 1-4 have received lower rises than their colleagues in bands 5-8. Together with this your reps asked for action on the increasing erosion of differentials.
  • A pay rise which is distributed transparently and fairly with a minimum rise for all.
  • Progress towards a fair pay system which rewards staff fairly for the job they do and eradicates unequal pay.
  • Joint working between the company and your union to review and minimise long working hours.
  • Genuine engagement on re-organisation, redeployment, recruitment and promotion policies to ensure a level playing field for all staff.
  • Improvements in flexible working – to open it up to all staff – and in childcare assistance.
  • Better and more inclusive travel facilities.

The meeting concentrated on exploring the claim in order that the company fully understood the reasons behind each aspect of the claim.

Although Network Rail did not present an offer they did give some indications of their thinking on future proposals.

  • Currently they believe that management pay should be linked to movement in the market pay for managers, rather than RPI. If this is reflected in their offer this would again result in a lower pay rise for bands 1-4 than 5-8s and equivalent and would not even cover the rise in the cost of living for our members.
  • Other than on pay your reps felt that there was a genuine engagement on other matters.

A further meeting had been arranged for 18 May.

Your National Management Council Reps are:

David Northey

Dave Barnes

Jacqui Hall

Linda Strickland

Victoria Fox

John Prest

Once an offer has been made then further discussion will take place with reps and members.

If you are interested in getting more involved around these issues then contact the Members Helpdesk who will get a TSSA Organiser to contact you.

You can also forward this article on to your colleagues and encourage them to join!


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