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Network Rail Managers' Pay Talks 2019

16 April 2019

TSSA makes slow but steady progress on Bands 1-4 pay

TSSA is committed to achieving a break in the cycle of below inflation increases for Bands 1-4.

In comparison with recent years pay offer, we welcome an improved response from the company and we look forward to further negotiations by which we can meet our members’ very legitimate aspirations.

Network Rail’s initial offer is as follows:

Pay increase for 2019

a. With effect from 1 July 2019, a pay pot of 2.5% for bands 1,2 and 3

b. With effect from 1 July 2019, a pay pot of 3% for bands 4

c. The inner London allowance will be increased by £100 to £3200

d. The outer London allowance will be increased by £100 to £1900

e. An increase to the starting minimum zone of all band 1-4 pay ranges of 1%


a. The cap on season ticket subsidies shall be increased by £250 from £2,500pa to

£2,750 pa.

b. A working group will be established to discuss the possibility of leisure travel on a

cost-neutral basis

Flexible leave

a. An increase in the number of flexible leave days employees can purchase will

increase from three days to five.

TSSA’s initial response is:

1 Band 1-4 employees and our TSSA representatives have previously made it very clear that we should seek to achieve a pay settlement that benefits all Bands equally. The offer that has been made for band 4’s is close to the value of the offer made to Band 5-8 colleagues but still falls short of the 3.2% offer currently subject to negotiation. We therefore are seeking at least equivalent for all Band 1-4 employees.

2 The offer of increasing the bottom of the pay ranges by 1% is welcome in that our priority is to increase the minimum. It is however not reasonable or logical for the increase not to be in line with the percentage pay offer as it is effectively is devaluing the range for the job. We therefore require the pay ranges to be increased in line with the percentage pay pot.

3 If the company is not willing to increase the top of the pay range it is unreasonable for those that are above or become capped by the top of the range to be awarded an ex gratia lump sum. We also need to understand the numbers of employees who are either above the top of Zone 3 or will become capped following the pay increase.

4 We are seeking the pay percentage pot to apply to all employees as the pay performance structure is not fit for purpose and is unreasonable penalising who are not rated above good or are higher in the pay scale. If the company is not able to agree a fixed percentage, we will seek to further negotiate the performance matrix with the objective of all those receiving good getting as close as possible the negotiated pay pot.

5 We will seriously consider a two year deal if the offer from the company achieves our key objective of breaking the cycle of year on year pay offers that are a lower percentage than our Band 5-8 colleagues and less than RPI. If the company can make such an offer this would go some way in demonstrating that we are valuing the hard work of Band 1-4 employees.

6 We cannot consider this year pay offer without also understanding the context of successive years of unfair pay offer that have reduced the value of Band 1-4 employees against 5-8 employees by approximately 15%. Band 1-4 employees deserve some sort of resolution for previous years relative pay reduction before we can come to an agreement on this year’s offer. We have to demonstrate that we have broken the cycle of lower pay settlements. This will go a long way in achieving a positive outcome. If an offer as poor as last year had been placed on the table we would have withdrawn from negotiations and activated plans for industrial action ballot. We are still not yet out of that environment and will need to see significant further progress with negotiations.

Please update your membership details using the MyTSSA link – we are seeking to improve our communications and accurate information will help us ensure you receive the comms that are most relevant. If we are forced to ballot for industrial action, we need to ensure our records are as accurate as possible to avoid legal challenge.

TSSA membership is growing at Network Rail. Bands 1-4 need a strong voice. Please help encourage your colleagues to join –

We have had a number of people come forward to help represent their colleagues in recent weeks. But the more Reps we have, the better we can support our members. Having a local Rep means having a voice for your team. For more information on getting involved please email:


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