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Network Rail: New Pay Structure for Role Clarity Bands 1-4

18 November 2014

As a result of our campaigning for a transparent pay structure that meets Equality guidelines, we have been working with Network Rail since 2012.

This joint working has proven very constructive, although at times has been very challenging for both sides.

We have now reached a point where the National Management Council are able recommend acceptance (although critically) the principal of the new pay structure to the memberships. This means Network Rail will now be moving forward, so what does this look like for you?

  • Transparency (e.g. published pay ranges available on Connect)
  • Clear salary management guidelines
  • Simplicity in design (as far as possible)
  • Appropriate market alignment
  • Pay for performance (is still part of it)
  • Employees understand the pay structure, their position in it.
  • How their pay will be set & managed
  • Consistent with equality best practice

Each Role in Network Rail has been evaluated using HAY which determines the Pay Bands and then a validation process has been carried out to allocate the role to one of the new Pay Ranges, A,B or C. The pay ranges will be spilt into three new Zones, 1, 2 & 3, full details at Surgeries.

The pay ranges were aligned to the market using external Consultants, then confirmed into pay ranges via a validation process that involved HR Business Partners and a business overview and then followed up by a final check by TSSA Reps.

Network Rail will be informing all Bands 1 to 4 managers who have a Role Clarity Contract, by letter that will be sent w/c 1st February 2015 explaining where your role sits in the new pay range and if you salary is changed by the process. A booklet will accompany the letter.

Key things to know the New Pay structure

Remuneration Rules: To ensure the new system is fair and does not have the same problems we currently have, we have a produce a set of rules that apply in situations. This will provide guidance and reduce the amount of discretion available to individual managers.

Who will benefit:  Approx 1200 people who hold a Role Clarity Contract in Bands 1 – 4 will see their salary increase from early in 2015.

What will NOT happen: No one’s pay will be reduced as a result of the introduction of the new pay system.

Above market rate: Approx 570 people who are paid well above the market rate will receive a non consolidated pay award in 2015 and then remain static in 2016.

“Your Say” about the new pay structure: The TSSA will be holding a Referendum on the new pay structure straight after you receive your letter from the company. Only TSSA members can vote in the referendum, so join today to have YOUR SAY on pay.

Surgeries: Your Reps will be holding “drop in” sessions throughout the country during December & New Year to help you understand the implications of the new pay structure and what you can expect next!

Appeals: There is a process and your reps are here to guide you through the procedure.

For more info visit

Your TSSA Fair Pay team:
Jacqui Hall, NMC Rep
David Northey, NMC Rep
John Onugha, Area Rep
Val Stansfield, Employment Rights Officer
Nadine Rae, National Organiser


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