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Network Rail Operations: TUPE transfer of Gatwick Airport employees to Southern December 2012

13 December 2011

TSSA recently met Southern to deal with some outstanding issues from the first TUPE consultation meeting and clarification on various other matters. Summarised below is Southern's response:


· Employees will retain their existing terms and conditions and there are no measures in place to change the establishment and structure of employees at Gatwick Airport. However, Southern will monitor the Gatwick Airport organisation over a six-month period before making decisions - if any.

· Gatwick Airport employees transferred from Network Rail will be covered by the Southern Station Staff Functional Council, and will be included in the pay bargaining arrangements.

· Southern will continue with the Network Rail M4H and Discipline and Grievance procedures.

· Southern refused the retention of TSSA’s Network Rail Collective Bargaining arrangements for Band 1-4 staff. We made it clear that we did not accept the Company’s position and would deal with the matter after the transfer.

· BRASS matching contributions will continue at the current levels paid by employees.

· Those on Network Rail role clarity contracts will receive a six month interest free loan of two weeks net wages to help them adjust to Southern’s four week pay cycle.

· Uniforms will be provided for the transfer and tea/coffee will still be provided to employees. Southern will also honour existing car parking arrangements.

The issue of agency staff currently used at Gatwick Airport remains outstanding and will be the subject of further discussions with the Company.

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