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Network Rail 'Overhaul' Dismissed As Tinkering & Fiddling

18 June 2019

TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes, has dismissed as "fiddling while Rome burns" a suggestion that Network Rail (NR) could be given greater power over the rail network as part of a Government backed review.

The Times is reporting (18th June) that as part of the Williams Review NR would be handed the power to specify and award contracts to private train operators to run passenger services, bringing the operation of the tracks and trains closer together.

Responding, Manuel Cortes said: “Sadly if this report is correct it amounts to nothing more than tinkering around the edges to mollify the shameless Chris Failing Grayling.

“There’s no time for tinkering - if that’s all this Tory Government has to offer then they should be shunted off the tracks and replaced by Labour who will act in the public interest.

“What we see every day is a rail network strained to the limit by a failed model of privatisation delivering neither decent services nor value for money. The Williams Review must be clear – fiddling while Rome burns will solve nothing.

“I have been clear with Keith Williams that if he really wants long-lasting, transformative, solutions backed by passengers then his review must call for our railways to be brought back into public ownership.”

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