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Network Rail Pay Update

28 January 2015

On 21 January National Representatives for Maintenance Bands 5-8 and equivalent met with Network Rail for further pay talks. This meeting was followed by a similar discussion on Operations and Customer Service Bands 5-8 pay. National Controller Reps are expected to meet the company for pay talks on 9 February.

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Our position

After outlining why we were unable to accept the company’s cuts programme, your reps rejected the company’s offer. This followed the position agreed by your reps:

Some improvements, lacking clarity

At the Maintenance pay meeting management side adjourned before outlining an improved offer, which the company committed to submit to your union in writing. A similar meeting took place for Ops and Customer service, indicating that both bargaining groups would receive the same offer. However, when your reps pressed the company for specific information on how this would apply to specific grades, such as Role Clarity staff and those outside Network Operations, a lack of clarity was apparent. We are still awaiting a formal written offer to explain the company position in detail.

Next steps:

  • Once we receive a written offer, we will share this with members
  • Make sure you use your voice – share your view on the revised offer with your reps
  • Your Area Reps will be meeting again to decide our position on the revised offer, before meeting with management to respond formally

We need your help!

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