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Network Rail plans to sell off assets

17 November 2017

Responding to the news today (17 Nov) that Network Rail and the government are proposing to sell off their Commercial Estate business.

Said TSSA leader, Manuel Cortes:

“Selling off our national assets is always a dubious economic good. But selling off railway arches really is a sign the Tories don’t get how to run a railway or an economy.

"The spaces between our railway arches are not fattened pigs to be sold at market as the Tories seem to think.. To Network Rail those spaces in between spin the revenues by which they earn money to subsidise the public cost of maintaining railway infrastructure - including the arches. Every pound generated from letting railway arches is a pound saved for U.K. taxpayers.

"We are seeking assurances from NR that the maintenance and repair of the arches will not be compromised. It does not seem sensible to TSSA that the very ground that our railway runs on is sold from beneath the wheels. Who will now pay for essential repairs when they are required? How and who will now guarantee the safety of the infrastructure?

"If this crazy sale goes ahead we hope that the new landlords do not rack rents causing misery to the many small businesses that currently let the arches."

TSSA will do all we can to oppose the privatisation of NR assets. Should the government get their way, we will fight to ensure TUPE protection for the terms and conditions of our members forced into the private sector. Staff must not pay the bill for the governments reckless short sightedness



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