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Network Rail Role Clarity Bands 1-4 Pay Structure

15 May 2015

TSSA and Network Rail have agreed that the delivery date of the new pay structure will be Tuesday 1 September 2015. Its implementation will be dependent on a positive outcome to a TSSA referendum of all Network Rail 1-4 staff throughout July 2015.

The proposed pay structure is the successful culmination of talks, negotiation and development between union and employer over the past three years which were the result of a number of challenges to the existing structure - on both equal pay grounds and a lack of transparency - by TSSA.

Your union is hopeful of a positive outcome in the July referendum as it believes the vast majority of 1-4 staff will receive a real benefit from the changes and a lot of hard work has been done by representatives to achieve this end, however we understand that many of you will have questions about how you are affected and intend to support you through the process.

What’s Next?

Staff will be informed of their position in the pay structure on Wednesday 1 July 2015 - the start date of the TSSA Your Pay Referendum – and from that date senior TSSA reps will be taking a Your Pay Roadshow around the country to address any questions you may have and also encourage participation in the referendum.  During July you will receive updates, newsletters and information that will keep you well-informed and, across the country, TSSA will hold meetings and surgeries to ensure that you have an opportunity to discuss the new structure or air your views.

Only TSSA members will have a vote in this referendum. Please encourage all non-members to join and have an opportunity to influence the result; they can do this online at

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