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Network Rail's "Bully Boy" Management Style Led to Grayrigg Tragedy

4 November 2011

A bully boy style of management directly created the conditions which allowed the Grayrigg tragedy to unfold, said Manuel Cortes.

Network Rail's macho and bully boy management style were blamed today for creating the conditions that caused the Grayrigg tragedy, said the TSSA rail union.

It supported its member David Lewis who told the inquest of the intense pressure that he and his fellow track inspectors were under.

"We have been warning Ministers and the media for some five years now about the bully boy style of management that our members have been working under at Network Rail," said union deputy leader Manuel Cortes.

"It directly created the conditions which allowed this tragedy to unfold at Grayrigg. Cost cutting, staff under resourced and under pressure, all so the bosses could collect their huge annual bonuses."

Earlier this year David Higgins replaced the former chief executive Iain Coucher who quit last year after a row over his £600,000 double your salary bonus.

"We are delighted that Iain Coucher has gone and his chief hench man, Peter Bennett(HR director) goes next month. This gives David Higgins a chance to change the culture at NR and avoid any repeat of the tragedy that happened at Grayrigg five years ago."

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