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Network Rail Section RPS Committee Ballot - Vote Charlie Daniels!

15 April 2013

Members of the Network Rail section of the Railways Pension Scheme are being balloted to elect three RPS members to the section’s committee for a six year term.

Following a decision by our national representatives, your union is supporting the election of Charlie Daniels for the position of RPS Committee member. We strongly encourage all TSSA members who are members of the scheme to vote for Charlie Daniels.

Charlie has been an RPS member since joining British Rail in 1974. He was a member appointee of Balfour Beatty’s RPS committee from 2002 to 2004 and a member of TSSA’s national negotiating team for all Network Rail pensions issues for the last six years. Charlie is a maintenance co-ordinator on full time release representing TSSA members at Network Rail.

In addition, TSSA has an understanding with our sister union that we would not contest seats held by RMT nominated members. Therefore, TSSA members are also urged vote for the RMT preferred candidate: Dave Gott.

So that you and other union members have a voice on this committee, it is important that positions on the committee are occupied by trade union representatives. It is requested that members fully support these candidates:

  • TSSA - Charlie Daniels
  • RMT - Dave Gott

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