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Network Rail Section RPS Committee Nomination

4 February 2015

Members of the Network Rail section of the Railways Pension Scheme have been invited to seek nomination for a casual vacancy arising due to Charlie Daniels standing down, in accordance with the rules of the committee.

Click here to download our circular:   Support Ian Henry

Support Ian Henry

TSSA Network Rail representatives recently participated in an election to determine our union’s preferred candidate, IAN HENRY.

Following this decision, we respectfully advise that no other TSSA member should seek nomination for this seat. This will ensure that the votes of TSSA members are not split, increasing the security of an elected TSSA member on the committee. If you have submitted a nomination form to RPMI, please withdraw this immediately in support of our preferred candidate.

In the event that an election is called, TSSA members are requested to vote for Ian Henry.

Ian’s biography

Ian has been a RPS member for over thirty five years and is currently on full time release from NWR as one of three TSSA National Lead H&S Reps. In his election address, Ian commented:

Many Pension schemes find themselves continually under severe pressure from government and employers wanting to reduce costs. Retaining our current RPS benefits and conditions is vitally important for all long term members of RPS like myself as well as new and future members. I would utilise my experience, nearly four years of National negotiation and consultation work with the TSSA to withstand any desecration of the RPS terms and conditions which we all currently retain and hope to enjoy during our retirement. The RPS is our pension fund, our “pot of gold”. Additionally I would serve on the Pensions committee with diligence, responsibly and integrity on behalf of all RPS members while discharging my duties on the committee honourably.”

Union solidarity

 Following previous agreements, we expect our sister unions to contact their members requesting that they too support Ian Henry’s nomination.

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