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New Courses in TSSA Scotland

27 January 2017

Neurodiversity for Line Managers Course 1st March 2017, Glasgow Digital Skills (Scotland) 3rd - 7th March 2017, Glasgow Deadline for applications for both courses: 15th February

 Neurodiversity for Line Managers

This course is aimed at line-managers or those considering line management who would like to learn how to support neurodiverse staff. Neurodiversity is an umbrella term covering a wide range of conditions including:

•         Dyslexia

•         Dyscalculia

•         Dyspraxia

•         ADHD & ADD

•         Autism and Asperges’

Discovering how to support neurodiverse staff benefits all team members in a workplace.

 The course will cover:

•         Brief synopsis of all the conditions

•         Things to look out for with undiagnosed conditions

•         Reasonable adjustments

•         Additional sources for help and funding

•         How to get the best out of your team member and their unique talents

  1st March 2017, Glasgow  - Deadline for applications is 15th February
You must reside in Scotland to sign up for this course. 
To sign up or for more information please contact Gemma on

Digital Skills (Scotland)

This weekend course will train you in how to run Branch meetings online using the "Periscope" system. It will also train you in how to use Facebook and Twitter as campaigning tools. The skills you will learn will help you to organise your branch, your workplace and your company and to spread the union's message to non-members. You do not need any prior experience of Periscope, Facebook or Twitter to attend this course. This course is designed to help reps in Scotland manager the unique challenges posed by the geography of Scotland.

You must reside in Scotland to sign up for this course.  

 3rd - 7th March 2017, Glasgow  - Deadline for applications is 15th February

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