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New Vice Chair Elections Lead ULR Forum

2 July 2014

Following a discussion at the 1 July Lead ULR Forum it was agreed that we would slightly amend the criteria for being the Vice-Chair

so that it is now open to key ULRs on the Lead ULR Forum as well as to Lead ULRs formally recognised in that role within Learning Agreements.

As we explained when we opened the full elections for all the positions back in May 2014,  TSSA’s Lead ULR Forum is made up of the most senior ULRs in each company, or solo ULRs in companies, with a Learning Agreement across TSSA. It ensures those activists leading at the company level have a structure to support them both taking the democratic lead and in networking

Election Process

1. We are  re-issuing the call for nominations for the role of Vice Chair and here are the revised election pack and nomination form for that post.

2. ULRs are asked to ensure any signed nominations together with election statements are received back in this office by Friday 25th July.

3. If more than one person is nominated (and wants to stand) for any post, election addresses and formal ballot papers will then be circulated to all ULRs over the period 30 July – 22 August.

4. The successful candidate will then be confirmed in post for the period 22 August 2014 - 31 July 2016.

Nominations for Vice Chair

The attached election pack has an overview of the Forum, role description and nomination form with election address paper.

All nominated Lead/Key ULRs need to sign & date the Vice Chair nomination form and return that form, together with a statement as to why they would like to stand (preferably telling ULRs a little of what they have done in their role as LULR in their own company) by Friday 25 July using the freepost address & details on the form.

Circular 172 ViceChair Election

Vice Chair Nomination Pack

Vice Chair Election Pack July 2014

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