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New Year but LUL is still playing the same old games!

13 January 2011

Thanks to the resolve of our members, LUL was forced to re-enter talks just before Christmas. In-depth talks are now set to take place on safety, collective grievances, equality impact and the ticket office strategy. However, LUL is undermining these talks by taking the aggressive step of refusing to recognise your elected tier one industrial and health and safety reps and by issuing new rotas based on reduced staffing levels.

While we are talking, they are going full steam ahead with the implementation of the cuts. Even as the talks are taking place new issues are emerging which we will have to address (including new ticket machines which they hope will allow further reductions in staff).

The TSSA and RMT unions are committed to these talks, but the question is whether LUL is committed to resolving this dispute? The fact that LUL has yet to timetable talks on the equalities impact of these changes and has now taken the aggressive step of de-recognising your tier one reps does not inspire confidence.

LUL leaves us little choice

Industrial action is the only reason that LUL has agreed to talks; it seems it is the only language they understand. So it is in this context that we must consider taking further industrial action and indeed escalating the industrial action we take.

We are currently discussing our strategy with the RMT union and you should take the time to let your reps know your views. You can also complete our on-line survey.

Strike action got LUL to the table, now we must strike to get them to a deal!

Stepping up the campaign

While the press always seek to pit transport users against transport workers, LUL have deeply upset many passengers with news of fare increases and service reductions. We will be trying to work with passenger groups to win a better deal for public transport in London. More to follow.

Strike together! Strike to WIN!

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