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News - April 2011

8 April 2011

2011 TSSA Pay & Conditions Claim

Discussions are under way with the company regarding TSSA’s 2011 pay claim in respect of those groups covered by collective bargaining. TSSA has bargaining rights for P&M, IMG/IAM and Clerical Grades. TSSA’s main objective is to address the fact that there has been no pay award for Babcock Rail employees since April 2008 which significantly impacts on the basic value of salaries. The talks are at an early stage and I will keep you advised of developments.

National Joining Week

TSSA is holding its first ever National Joining Week from 4 to 10 April. The more colleagues in Babcock Rail who join TSSA, the more influence we have on decisions that affect you. TSSA represents P&M, IMG/IAM and Clerical Grades. We also have a significant membership among Executive Managers for whom we provide individual representation.

TSSA already has a network of Workplace Representatives and you will see below that we are putting in place a new representational structure that will come into effect in June, following completion of the election processes. Last year TSSA reps engaged directly in the extensive consultation processes supporting members affected by the impact of organisational changes and the job cuts/ redundancy processes.

During TSSA Joining Week we will be reinforcing our efforts to encourage non members to join TSSA and any support you can lend persuading people to join TSSA will strenghten us and improve our effectiveness.

The following address links to a TSSA Application Form: Our goals are straightforward. TSSA is here to protect your job, to ensure you are always treated fairly at work, to pursue in the most effective ways improvements in your conditions and to provide expert advice and support whenever you need it at work.

TSSA Representation Arrangements for Staff Covered by Collective Bargaining

Following the introduction of the new company structure, agreement has been reached for a new representational structure across the company. The revised structure will be based on the new organisational structure with representatives appointed from the Track, Infrastructure and Corporate Organisations. The TSSA Company seats are allocated for Reps as under:

Track Scotland (& Corporate)

2 x P&M Grades

1 x IMG/IAM Grades

Track North West (Preston/ Crewe etc)

2 x P&M Grades

1 x IMG/IAM Grades

Track LNE

1 x P&M Grades

2 x IMG/IAM Grades

Clerical (Track)

1 x North (Scotland)

1 x South (England)


1 x IMG/IAM North (Scotland)

1 x IMG/IAM South (England)

1X P&M North North (Scotland)

1 x P&M South ((England)

Clerical (Infrastructure)

1 x Clerical North (Scotland)

1 x Clerical South (England)

Current TSSA Reps/ Contacts are:

Scotland - Stevie O’Brien & P&M Grades & Terry Keegans

England - Edward (Russ) Wood, P&M (Track) North West, Andy Tew (S&T) Crewe, Andy Linforth (S&T) Crewe, Mark Hardeman Doncaster, Darren Stuart Doncaster, Adrian Burton Doncaster

The new Babcock Rail TSSA Representation Arrangements will take effect from Monday 6 June 2011. Nominations are invited in respect of the above and should reach this office no later than Monday 29 April 2011. To be eligible for nomination a candidate must:

- have six months’ service with Babcock Rail Ltd
- be a member of TSSA
- work in the constituency for which he/she has been nominated.

In addition, a letter of acceptance of nomination should be submitted by the nominees. The signature of each nominee implies that if elected as an official TSSA candidate, he/she will act in line with Association policy i.e. in accordance with Annual Conference decisions or in the absence of such decisions, in accordance with the decisions of the Executive Committee. In the event of more nominations than there are seats, it will be necessary to conduct an individual ballot among TSSA members within the respective group(s).

Nomination forms are available from this office or the TSSA Helpdesk.

TSSA Health and Safety Representation Arrangements

TSSA is also seeking Health & Safety Representatives at all of the above locations. Full training and support will be provided for those prepared to undertake this key role. Contact this office or the TSSA Helpdesk if you are interested in applying or in finding out more information.

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