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Iarnród Éireann News Letter

26 January 2015

We have updates on Vehicle Management System, BIK and Re-grades


Vehicle Management System

We recently meet with the company on the issue of vehicle management system. At the meeting we made it quite clear that the introduction of any system would have to be via agreement with all the trade unions. We are far from any agreement at this point. We have many unanswered questions around the costings of this system and as of yet it has not been demonstrated to us that it would deliver any savings at all. We are also still not convinced that this system would not be used by management as a disciplinary tool against our members.

BIK Vehicles

We are stilling awaiting formal proposals from the company in response to the letter we sent prior to Christmas on the BIK issue.

The proper procedure for any change to BIK vehicles is via the accepted consultation and negotiation process with the trade unions.

Until such time as we receive a formal proposals from the company and engage in proper consultation the status quo should remain and we are advising members not to engage in any discussion around making personal contributions.


A number of our members regrade claims were frozen as part of the cost containment programme in 2012. The agreement states that regrade applications can be resubmitted January 2015. We advise members to contact there line managers to reengage in the process. If members feel that since the freezing of the regrade process that they have had further responsibilities added to their role you need to ensure the company is aware of this so that it is not overlooked through the grading process.

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