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Newsletter: February 2011

24 February 2011

Your pension

As you know, Thomas Cook are planning to scrap your final salary pension scheme. TSSA has been opposed to this from the beginning and has been very vocal in telling the Company so. They have not been prepared to move from their position of ending the DB scheme on 31 March. A counter proposal has been submitted to ask for an extension of the consultation period to allow members to seek financial advice.

We have managed to get TC to move slightly on some things but not on others: members who transfer into the new scheme will not be limited to the 2-year no employer contribution ban. Instead, their start date will begin on the day they joined their current scheme.

In line with the ConDem’s government policy of aligning with the lower rate of CPI, TC have agreed to bolster pensions at a rate of 0.7% as an attempt to bridge the gap. TSSA believe that all of this falls way short of what you deserve as a pension that will provide a proper living standard.

We will continue to challenge TC on this. Join us!

TSSA- your voice in the VOICE

TSSA, the recognised union in TC, has seats on the VOICE forum. TSSA reps are elected by members. We are an independent voice within the Company. We have experts in Human Resources, employment law, pensions and all the other things that affect your working life. Here are some of the issues we raised at the VOICE forum.

Retail League Table

TC are currently undertaking a review of the league table of A-D performers. TSSA has raised your concerns about targets being too high and members who have been long-standing A- performers suddenly having this taken out of their reach. You told us you were having to work harder to achieve the same results. This is backed up by the various surveys we have carried out within our membership. We have told TC this. We will feed back to you when we get a response.

Health & Safety

After raising serious concerns about H&S in stores around the country, in particular around fire safety, we are pleased to see TC taking action. A H&S handbook is to be issued to all stores and training provided to staff. TSSA is pushing for training in person and not just online. We also want to see a period of grace in terms of audits until members are comfortable in their H&S duties. We also raised the issue of members with dyslexia who might prefer to learn face to face and not just reading a handbook. TC are taking this away to discuss.

Why not become a TSSA rep? Learn something new. Help your colleagues get on better at work. Meet interesting people. Stand up for your rights! Contact our Organising]


TC have still not given any more details about terms and conditions under the new merger. We want to know what the new business will look like for those who are working in the shops. Watch this space for details.

Shareholders reject exec pay

Nearly half the TC shareholders withheld their support for executive pay for the second time running. This came after claims that TC had manipulated figures to artificially inflate bonuses at the top level. It seems that we’re not the only ones who want TC to play fair.

Where are my concessions?

We also noted that TC decided to cut your concessions allowance. This just days before xmas and without consultation.

Stand up for your rights at work.
Join the growing number of your colleagues in TSSA and sign up today!

Stress and bullying

Please share your views on what it’s really like to work at Thomas Cook. Some of our members are reporting long hours, pressurised and unrealistic targets and poor equipment. Tell us what you think. TC have made some progress in the right direction and we want to help them get better. Lots of you have already done so but we want more!
Take 5 minutes to fill in our survey:

Get paid for your hours!

According to our survey on stress, nearly 70% of you feel pressured to work more than your paid hours and nearly 50% say the culture at TC makes it awkward for you to leave on time. A third of you say you work up to 20 hours a week unpaid. THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE! You are not volunteers and TSSA will fight this until we have a resolution of time off in lieu or a system where you get paid for your overtime.

Join TSSA today

The more members in Thomas Cook we have, the stronger our voice. TSSA is the only union recognised in TC for bargaining on your behalf over pay, hoildays and working hours. Your reps also consultate and negotiate on other terms and conditions. If you are already a member, sign up a colleague and build a strong union where you work.


If you or your colleagues would like to know more about our dyslexia project, please get in touch with Madeleine on 020 7529 8045.

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