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Next weeks strike at Cross Country called off

18 January 2018

TSSA reps at rail company Cross Country are expected to vote to call off strike action scheduled for next week after the company yesterday (weds)agreed to meet their demand for an equal pay rise for all its staff.

Managers had voted to strike after some were offered only a 1% deal but others offered 3.3%. But a letter from the company HR director, Jo McPhail, yesterday assured TSSA it has now agreed all managers will receive a 3.3% rise, backdated to May 2017, in next month's pay packet.

Said TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes

"Congratulations are due to all managers who stood together and refused to allow the company to award them a divisive deal.

“If the company had done the right thing in the first place and awarded equal pay settlements all round, our members would have been spared a lot of anxiety and wouldn"t have been driven to voting overwhelmingly for industrial action.

“I hope the company has learned the lesson. Don't take any part of your workforce for granted. This clearly shows that joining our union gives you a powerful voice at work. I would strongly encourage those not yet within our ranks, to join our union today to help make sure the company never again tries to take you for granted!"

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