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NHS: Labour launch e-petition 'to protect NHS'

15 March 2011

Labour has launched an online petition 'to protect NHS frontline services'.

They accused Prime Minister David Cameron of breaking ’promise
AFTER promise’ on the NHS despite claiming during the General
Election that it was a top priority and are calling for Mr Cameron to keep his promises to:

- Protect frontline NHS services
- Stop precious NHS money being wasted on a big top-down >
reorganisation, which is putting the NHS at risk
- Provide the real increase he promised in NHS funding.

The Conservative led Government’s plans for heath will open all
parts of the NHS to free market competition and rip the N out
of the NHS. When it comes to improving the nation’s health,
all we have seen from David Cameron so far is broken promise
after broken promise.

Labour is calling on David Cameron to keep his NHS promises.
They’ve launched a petition – at
so that the public can hold David Cameron to his promise to
protect the NHS and stop the Tories’ damaging changes.

The British Medical Association have also called on the
Government to halt the overhaul of the NHS in England. They
voted in favour of calling for ministers to withdraw the health
bill, which is currently going through parliament.

Please log on and sign the petition and do what you to
encourage family, friends and colleagues to do likewise. Lets
make sure we keep the N in NHS.

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