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Night Time Commission is a desperate Tory ploy

15 March 2016

TSSA should be invited onto the Night Time Commission, that we haven't been shows that the Mayor of London isn't serious.

Responding to news that Mayor of London Boris Johnson intends to launch a Night time Commision for the capital, TSSA leader Manuel Cortes:

"TSSA members on the tube and buses are obviously vital drivers of London's night time economy so any rational thinking person would think we'd be invited to join this commission as a stakeholder. But we haven't and Boris is about to depart his office as mayor without ever having spoken to a union leader because he's got no interest in the workers that make London tick. Boris knows the Tories are losing their grip on London and that it is Sadiq Khan who will deliver a fairer London so this commission will have no authority post the May election and is no more than a desperate effort on Boris's part keep Tory ideologies floated when his lot have been kicked out of City Hall. " 

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