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No Brexit at all is the only way to save Britain's bacon.

15 November 2018

Responding to the new that Minister Responsible for Exiting the European Union (EU), Dominic Raab, has resigned, TSSA General Secretary Manuel Cortes said,

"Brexit has been an unholy nightmare forced on Britain by the Tories for the last two years. Good to see it eat one of its own children. Let's face it Dominc Raab was a featherweight. He was only there to be a bum on the Cabinet Brexit seat in the first place. Good riddance to him. Now we need a final good riddance to this ridiculous Tory war gaming with Europe policy that has become a massive exercise in British self-harm.

"Theresa May knows that the choice isn't between this deal which turns Britain into a European colony in perpetuity or no deal. She knows full well that no Brexit at all means just that. No Brexit at all. No Brexit at all is the only way to save Britain's bacon. There is no negotiable Brexit that can make Britain better off. It is now obvious the it was a deluded fantasy no matter who is in charge of Brexit.

"Our union has long campaigned against Brexit not because we have illusions in the EU as a socialist nirvana, but because this Tory war with Europe was a 21st century form of butchery on our working class. Now the rest of the nation is waking up to the fact that there is no good life after Brexit. It's time now to embrace no Brexit at all, stay put and build our reforming peace with Europe. That task will fall to a Labour government. Bring on a General Election. "


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