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No monkeying around: TSSA union adopts Orangutan to support sustainable palm oil

11 June 2019

TSSA yesterday decided at annual conference to adopt an Orangutan as part of a wider package opposing rainforest destruction and sustainable palm oil production.

 Manuel Cortes said “The destruction of virgin rain forest at a rate of 300 football fields an hour is a clear example of the way that capitalists put profiteering ahead of every other consideration even in supposedly “green” industries such as the production of biodiesel.

“For a ‘green’ industry to be increasing the rate of climate change due to deforestation, and also further endangering species such as the Orangutans is a painful irony.

“Biodiesel is actually three times worse for climate change than the use of diesel alone. By far the most environmentally friendly way to travel is by public transport such as trains.

“The TSSA doesn’t monkey around when it comes to taking action on climate change. So I’m delighted that we’re adopting an Orangutan through WWF.”


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