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No progress at ACAS

22 November 2010

Since the last strike, TSSA have been calling for face to face talks at ACAS with Gerry Duffy LUL’s Director of Human Resources. However, he has refused to meet at ACAS. We want to discuss the flawed rational of LUL’s proposals, but all LUL are prepared to discuss is the implementation of these flawed proposals.

Our functional reps have attended talks with operational managers, where they have established that there has been no safety validation of the current proposals.

In the meantime, LUL have been forced to publicly admit that their cuts will lead to so few staff that at times some stations will have no staff all.
This dispute is about job cuts, safety and safe staffing levels. We are not prepared to make concessions that put our members and the travelling public at risk.

LUL’s refusal to discuss the basis of their proposed cuts is a sign of their weakness. It is because these proposals are unsafe and unworkable and as we approach the next strike day, LUL will find it even harder to get volunteers to undermine our action.

Progress for Duty Managers

Before the last strike, LUL refused to even discuss the issues of Duty Managers with us. The TSSA refused to accept that this element of our dispute was ‘off the table’. Having held our ground, we are pleased to report that LUL have come forward with a basis for settlement for this element of the dispute. The proposed agreement will now be put to DM members in a referendum.

For more detail on the proposed agreement please visit London Underground Company News on Tssa’s website
This is a win for our members, and shows that when we stand up to LUL’s dictatorial management style, we can defend our members. However we must keep the pressure on LUL to resolve the wider dispute for the remaining grades.

Time for Boris to get a grip?

This week Ken Livingstone and Labour London Assembly Transport spokesperson, Val Shawcross, have called on the Conservative Mayor, Boris Johnson, to urgently take action to deal with the mounting delays and disruption on the tube.

To read more visit:

Boris receives a roasting at Mayors Question Time

GLA members have submitted a number of questions, which press Boris Johnson to;

- plain his failure to honour his election promise to not reduce ticket office staff and to
- lease data on how many times during the last 12 months London Underground Stations been left un-staffed?

To read more visit:

Action short of strike

on short is continuous until further notice
- current ban on overtime,
- not to carry out higher grade working in a station control room
- not to carry out higher grade working in the role of Station Supervisor or substitute for the Station Supervisor when the Supervisor is not available on stations.
- not to participate in the £5 minimum oyster top up until further notice

We understand that the ban on overtime has been difficult for members. However, the ongoing disruption caused by the ban on overtime has demonstrated the level of reliance London Underground has on the good will of staff.

Make no mistake the only reason we are currently in talks at ACAS is because of the pressure brought to bear by the ban on overtime and the three successful strikes to date.

Support fund for striking LUL workers

TSSA is currently putting together a support fund for striking workers. It is hoped that that this fund will be in place for Christmas. To register your interest for support please contact the Helpdesk on 0800 328 2673.

How you can get involved?
- Pass this newsletter on to other staff in your station.
- Help build our communication network – become a contact for your station. Email your name and station to
- If you are not a union member join TSSA today! Download a form here.
- Talk to your local rep about joining your nearest picket line. Strong pickets = strong strike.

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