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No to BTP staff cuts in Cardiff

24 November 2014

35 British Transport Police jobs are threatened by the proposed closure of CardiffÂ’s BTP Crime Recording Centre (CRC).

A formal redundancy consultation process is being conducted by Contact Management senior officers with TSSA and the CRC staff.
As well as affecting a substantial number of jobs, this proposal would mean the potential loss of significant expertise and knowledge of crime recording for BTP, the rules and processes necessary for maintaining a high standard of crime data accuracy and integrity.
At a time when many Forces have been criticised by the HMIC for their poor standards in crime data, the BTP proposal is to dismantle the very department which has delivered its high standards.
TSSA believe that the closure of the CRC would be counter-productive now and in the future as BTP goes through an unprecedented period of change which could impact on crime recording.
Please read our counter-proposal and send the link on to your colleagues:   BTP Cardiff CRC counter-proposal

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