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No to Cuts, Yes to Strength!

16 January 2015

Following feedback from members, your reps for Controller Grades and Maintenance and Operations Bands 5-8 and Equivalent all voted to unanimously reject Network Rail’s insulting offers of an unspecified increase of between 0% and 2 % if we accept widespread cuts to your terms and conditions and CPI from 2016 until 2019.

Newsletter here:   No to Cuts, Yes to Strength!

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For Network Rail’s offer letters:

Join a union!

We can only win the fight to defend your pay and conditions if we fight to build our union. Your reps all voted to work together to recruit colleagues who aren’t in a union that negotiates pay and conditions for their grades. Evidence shows that 60% of workers without a union have never been asked to join one! We need you to help make sure 100% of NR staff have been asked to join and every single colleague understands why they should be in a union! When we meet management to formally reject their offer, make sure that you help to make our voice louder:

Update your details

It is essential that every member’s workplace and contact details are up to date. You can check and update your details online instantly if you take a minute to set up your account at:

TSSA members

  • Go to
  • Log in through facebook or create a mytssa account
  • Check and update your work and contact details
  • Share this newsletter with your colleagues and encourage them to join at

Not in a union that negotiates your pay?

Visit for 5 reasons why you should join TSSA then join online

Now is the time to be a rep!

Our Area Council Reps are a vital link between our members and national negotiations. If you are interested in getting involved to ensure your colleagues have a say, call the Members’ Helpdesk for details or download a nomination form at:

Training will be provided for elected reps, along with support from experienced reps and TSSA staff. You can find current lists of Area Council Reps here:

Look out for further communications after our next meetings with management: (21 January for Ops and Maintenance Bands, Controllers tbc soon after).

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