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No to extra red tape, let’s admit rail privatisation has failed

16 February 2018

TSSA rail union leader, Manuel Cortes said:

“It is simply ridiculous to propose adding extra layers of red tape that will further increase costs for passengers that yield absolutely no appreciable gain.

“Network Rail"s creation of a new System Operator body will simply have a more realistic assessment of delays, but will do nothing whatsoever to make journeys more reliable, safer, or make sky-rocketing fares more affordable. No doubt this is just one more of Grayling's daft ideas.

“For improvements and lower fares we need an end to the leeching of money from our industry as profit, which instead should be reinvested to increase capacity.

“The Tory Frankenstein rail privatisation experiment has been an abysmal failure. If Grayling can’t muster the courage to end it by bringing our railways back into public ownership, the next Labour government will.”

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